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Sales is NOT a Dirty Word. Why Start w/ Sales? Social Media Oriented - Skill you MUST Nail!


Sales is the MOST amazing skill and THING when done right. With your ideal client in mind. When I learned this skill, everything changed.


Mindset - YOURS is the biggest key. Take away. Growth AREA


Our Resistance and Why - Don't Want to Sell to friends; Ick Factor; Don't Want to Be Pushy; Don't Want to look stupid!



What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


5 Step Closing Process

Where they ARE and where they want to GO

Bridge the Gap

Paint the Vision - Don’t Skip This

Listening to Objections

Handle the Objections


I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.


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