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We Don’t get our Goals - We Get our HABITS!

There is one major reason for setting a goal - what you must DO to accomplish the goal, and who you will become along the way.


Jim Rohn’s quote!

What are your Dreams and visions?


What would you do if you knew it were absolutely possible? Knew you couldn’t fail?

Let’s explore a “goal setting, goal getting” paradigm shift!

Our current way of approaching goals gives us one of two scenarios:

Reach our intended result or FAIL.

Either feel GREAT or like feel like a FAILURE..

How motivating is that for setting big goals?

Questions to ask yourself for reaching your top goal:

Ask is it possible to achieve this goal?

Is it Probable that I will?

Who will I become in the journey to the goal?

What are the qualities, habits and characteristics of a 7 Figure Income earner?

I would need to be a Person of:





Overdeliver Value

Willing to learn

To be bad, and then good and then great

Have a Written Marketing Plan

Be unstoppable

Act in spite of fear

Apply CTFAR process to your goals:


Thoughts about it.


Actions, based on feelings

Results, based on actions.

Your results will always be determined by your actions.

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