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You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 298. This week's Mantra and affirmation is - One Small positive thought can change my whole day. If you’ve ever listened to the success stories of Olympic Athletes, you know they saw and thought it win their mind first. WAY early on before it ever came to pass.

The same can be true for you and your Direct Sales Business.

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A lot of people GO to networking events. But few know how to monetize them. Now, you can be one of those few.

Had a great conversation about Networking events with my interior designer, who hates networking events. Listen in as I share how that mindset of “Networking events don’t work” is a flawed thought process.

They DO work. Like crazy. I’ve bene to networking events where over half the people there are in some type of Network Marketing company.

Change Your Thoughts and Explode Your Direct Sales Business

One Small positive thought can change my whole day.

Become aware of your thoughts. Become aware of your feelings.

If you aren’t having the success you want in Network Marketing, what are you thinking and saying about this?

Name the top the things in your life that you are spending most of your time thinking about these days. Write them down.

Now, think about how you think about these things. Are you mostly having positive or negative thoughts?

And, hoe much of your day is spent thinking about these things?

Begin to consciously shift the statements or questions you have around these issues.

Questions -

How might I….

What do I require to know to….

Who do I aspire to become…

What quality in me will attractive right people to my network marketing business?

How might I appeal to more people?

Each day, I am getting better and better. With each action step I take in my business.

What would be the worst that could happen? And, would I survive it?

What would be the best that could happen?

I used a hairband around my wrist and would pull it back and snap it on my wrist when I caught myself thinking negatively.

I was recently talking to someone at a networking event who found out what I do, and say - Oh, I’ve never been good at Network Marketing.

I simply asked - “Why? Why do you think you have not been good at network marketing?”

My goal is not to change her mind, but instead just to listen and see where the conversation leads us. 

“My friends and family are different…”

So, remember this - One Small positive thought can change my whole day. Say it, practice it and feel it within your whole body!

Why do I care more about what someone else thinks of me and my ego around it, than I do of my own desire to be successful?

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