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Let’s talk about Asking the Right Questions in Network Marketing (and any business)


What You’ll Learn:


Questions of Yourself

Questions About Action Steps

Questions of Your Prospects

Questions for Your Team


Let’s deep dive in, shall we?



Questions of Yourself


Why? It really does always start with the why…


Why did you look for a business? What interested you even if you weren’t looking?


Why did your business appeal to you?


What were your initial goals?


Have you achieved them?


Why or why not?


Are you where you thought you would be?


Why or why not?


If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, where do you call in terms of success?






And, again, WHY, for each of these?


When we can get really clear on ourselves, and understand and accept that WE and we alone are responsible for where we are in our lives and business.


What’s your belief level about your ability to be successful?


Asking, answering and being aware of this area of your business is your first step in being your own best coach.


Check yourself on the circumstances, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions and results around each question.


This will be VERY telling.


When you have a clearer understanding of YOU and where you are in your business; you’ll do much better with the next areas of questions.


Next up -





Questions About Action Steps


How do you feel about your action steps in your business; whether you are just getting started or have been working your business for awhile.


Again, use the scale of 1-10.


Businesses move forward based on sales. Sales happen when we are in conversation with people, sharing our products and our opportunity.


So, if you are less than an 8-10 on your scale, WHY? What is holding you back?


Do you have head drama about sales? Talking to people?


Are you falling into that pattern of pre-judging and assuming, as you systematically go down your list, that so and so won’t be interested; or the timing is bad; or insert any other excuse.


Remember that success comes down to a few simple tasks -


Decision and Commitment

Defined Action Plan

Execution of the Plan



That’s it. The power in repetition.


Success is sexy; the system is not. But, it is proven. You WILL get to sexy!


If there is ANYBODY in your company having success moving the products and services, you can too.


If there is ANYBODY having success building a team, you can too.


Your location, people, experience or whatever have nothing to do with it.


Your action and attitude do, and BELIEVE me - I know what a hard pill that is to swallow.


I’ve had to swallow it after making excuse after excuse and coming up GUILTY!


Get clear on your attitude and action steps and get busy.




Questions of Your Prospects


I love this next category.


How are you sharing your offer with your prospects? What type of success language are you using?


Facts? Figures? Jargon?


Good probing questions make the difference.


When you introduce what you are doing, and they indicate an interest, before you dive into sales mode, step back. Make them work for it a little, and allow them to sell themselves into their own why.


So you ask - why? What’s going on with you that has you interested in knowing more?


What else have you tried?


What was your experience?


What did you like?




Anything you would have preferred?


What solution or transformation are you looking for?


NEVER underestimate the power in asking good questions.


And, truly listen.


Ask if there is anything else they would like to share with you. It starts with being their best listener. Most people don’t feel listened to or truly heard. BE that person, and don’t rush things.


Here is the key to the success vault - sales is simply coaching. Good coaching.



You must understand the goal BEYOND the goal they share with you. Go deep with them and get them talking and sharing with you.


More than anything, people want to believe in their dreams; and their ability to materialize their dreams.


That could be based on a product or an opportunity.


After every conversation, do a personal evaluation of your performance. Be neutral but do it. Go through what went well; what went not so well; and what you would do differently next time.


This circles back to asking good questions of yourself!




Question for Your Team



Getting someone launched correctly is the best you can give them, besides the opportunity.


Really, anyone with a big why and commitment can be successful despite their sponsor, upline or what they feel they are lacking from others.


It all lies within us. After all, someone figured it out the very first time and shared it. It gets diluted and changed hundreds of times as it evolves.


Schedule a new member launch call as soon as you can.


Your first step is to Validate their decision to become a distributor. Because they may have some buyers remorse or hesitation. There is the “1/2 life of excitement.”


“You’ve made a great decision. You have taken the first step on a journey that can allow you to live a life or freedom and fun, if you will follow the path. How do you feel about it?”



2. Set their expectations and develop a launch plan.


“I want to make sure you have an idea of what happens to really LAUNCH your business. Joining is one thing, launching is another. Do you have an idea of how you want to launch your business and get it out there to the world?”


Listen and advise as needed.



Set expectations.



“I want to set some expectations for you, and you likely know this. But sometimes just hearing it makes a difference.


You will succeed in this business based on your efforts, and on the other hand, that’s what creates failure, too. You are paid based on what you produce. My goal is to train you, support you and assist you in becoming confident and independent. And, since We get paid on our team, I benefit from your success and that makes me very vested in your success. In other words, I work for you. How does that sound?


So, it’s up to you to let me know how I might serve you and be of assistance. Does that make sense?”



Let them know where to go to find answers -


“A whole lot of info on launching your business is in the (Back Office, Facebook Group, Training Page, etc.) That's the first place to look, in the files, when you are wondering how to do something. Go through the files first and get familiar with what is there, and then you'll be more comfortable going back to it when you are looking for something.”



“Okay, now as far as expectations, you probably already know that not everyone is going to say yes, and there will be good times and bad times.


Some people will think you are crazy. You may contact some people who say no, and some who never even get back to you. We ALL get that. Just let it roll off your shoulders and don't assume anything. They may be busy, distracted, or who knows!”


Some people will get started and quit.


Some stop returning phone calls and all kinds of silly stuff.


Are you prepared to handle that? Do you have a plan?


Do you understand the quick start guide and your first steps? Let’s go through that and see what you have accomplished and set a date for those things you have not yet done, how’s that?



We do two things to make money in this business -


We find customers - those who are excited to try and use the products. Some of these will re-order, some will refer others and over time, some will join the business.



We also share the exciting part of making money with this business with people.



What is your plan to get your first customers?



What is your plan to enroll your first team partners?



How can I help you earn your first commission check?



Give them assignments, based on your company and qualifications; fast start programs, etc.


Will you Check in with me daily, for the first month?  An email, text or quick call to let me know what you’ve accomplished and so we can train on it if needed.


Now you are putting the ball in their court while making yourself available.




Close and Call to Action

Remember this - Asking the right questions of yourself and others always provides the answers. Sometimes, it’s not what we want to hear, but it’s the right thing for right now.


Always weigh in on your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around all conversations and interactions. When you can become aware and committed to your own shortcomings and growth, you will begin to see success show up beyond your wildest dreams.


Sometimes your thoughts will tend to stray when you get a no; or a non commitment; or someone is downright rude.


Do this with me - shrug your shoulders and say “oh well, this means nothing in my world.”


Because it only has meaning if YOU give it meaning.


Don’t fall victim to giving it meaning such as -


My product is bad.


I’m bad.


My opportunity is bad.


I can’t win.


This doesn’t work for me..


It’s not you, so stop being VAIN.


Seriously, you aren’t the center of the universe, darn it, huh?


You can’t control the actions of others; only your own. So, focus your time and energy only on those things you control, and those things are this:


The value you offer. (Improve this through taking action and growing your mind.)


Your belief and commitment level.


Your action steps getting the word out there.


Your evaluations of every conversation and your growth through this process.


The questions you ask and how well you listen.


Your follow up.


Check in and let me know how it’s going. Join the Street Smart Wealth School Facebook group.





If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.


Get it booked today.

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