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Are Facebook groups really still in effective way to build your tribe develop those clients good that sales team in your network marketing business.


I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.


The answer is absolutely yes! Facebook groups are still an amazingly effective way to build your network marketing business when you know how to do it effectively.


First and foremost, the last thing you wanna do is be Sales mode, full of hype or become known as one of “those people” to avoid in those groups. You know exactly what I’m talking about.


There is a tendency with Facebook groups to jump on all the Direct Sales, network marketing, promote your business type of groups.


But why? Is that really where your ideal client hangs out?  These are filled with other direct sales people and other network marketers posting their opportunity and hoping you will click.


Most of the people who are posting it in those groups aren’t looking for a new business. They’re just posting and sharing their business out there, like you.



Are they really your ideal client? We know that somebody who has been open to or in network marketing or Direct Sales in the past, might be perfect again for a new better opportunity . But it’s not the best place.


I’m a network marketing business coach and I could teach them the skills to pay the bills and teach them how to correct some of the mistakes they are making!


Always use a curiosity approach in everything that you do, especially in social media.


We have this tendency to want to “spray and pray” posting ads and “join my company, join my team!”


Here is how to effectively work your Facebook Groups.  Find 3 to 5 groups, and ultimately building your own VIP, customer or educational group.


Show up consistently, post, share and comment and create awareness.


Don’t just share a bunch of crap about your business, or your business link. Avoid “Ask” posts, when the poster says “I’m really looking for a business. I don’t really know what I wanna do, does anybody have any good ideas?” Then 283 comments show up and it’s everybody sharing the link to their company sign up or  join page in their company page.


Instead, turn it around, ask them questions about themselves and what they are specifically looking for.  In 1999, social media didn’t even exist. We had message and discussion boards. I would show up consistently, every single day and shared content.  I answered questions. I never shared my link. I never mentioned my business.  I would only talk about it in the very generic terms. I wanted to people to come to me. And, they did.


I was looking to be the hunted, not the hunter. I want people coming to me and asking me to know more about my business. 


Then I could take it off line to my blog or site, a phone call, and get to know the person


It worked like gangbusters for me; I built a million dollar business, sold products and services in over 40 countries and I did all of it without feeling like I was full of hype or sales.


I wasn’t annoying my family and friends. I was just there consistently with a very clear content strategy; a marketing calendar, knowing the content that I was going to share. And, answering questions. I also started conversations but I started them around my content calendar which was geared to ask questions to create conversation and curiosity.


So, get into some groups and get busy!


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